Falling in Love with baby girl | Boca Raton Regional Hospital Birth Photography

They were so lost in her, dad had no idea how desperately he would fall in love the moment he met her and the love just kept growing over the first hour.

courtney mcmillian boca raton regional hospital maternity store palm beach pregnancy clothes.jpg

How would they have captured this (wanting to have only their birth team with them at delivery), this moment would only stay in their memories (like my own birth stories are) without this photograph

I see these emotions in my client's partners and spouses and I have a deep desire for my own birth stories.

That's why I fight so hard for you.
So you can have what I never will.

Now you know my first why.

Enjoy this first image of a series of photos from births I attended in 2017 to see how I captured my first why for the families I work with.