First Time Mom | Jupiter Medical Center Birth with Dr. Dudley Brown

I was so excited to meet Erin and Tad when they first reached out to me. I had never met anyone before who permanently lives in an island and I was excited to meet this couple from the Bahamas about to have their first baby (a baby boy) in Jupiter. 

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Jupiter Medical Center is one of my favorite hospitals to work in as a birth photographer in south Florida. I love that somehow, all my births at Jupiter Medical have been overnight. The drive from Broward to Jupiter overnight is always calm, quiet, with empty highways, and good vibes as the highway lamps light the road every few yards.

The hospital is always so calm and quiet during the night. But it's not a creepy feeling like some of those hospitals that have empty, desolate wings that look like they're decades old. 

Everything about Jupiter Medical Center, especially their Labor and Delivery unit is so modern, clean and vibrant. You walk in and you feel the positive energy in the air. It's a happy place to be.

Jupiter Medical Labor and Delivery Nurses are some of the best I have worked with.

Every single one of them is filled with optimism, has a reassuring smile, is well versed in caring for laboring mothers, and easily adaptable to all forms of laboring from unmedicated to inductions, and even cesarean births.

I hope you enjoy these hospital labor and delivery photos from this beautiful first time mom and dad's birth...