Home Birth with Peaceful Pregnancy Pathways in Loxahatchee, Florida

Just LOOK at dad holding her hand, eyes on caressing her delicate shoulder.

home birth midwife in palm beach county twins obgyn vbac.jpg

He never left her side through her entire labor. (in the background you can see grandma and their son eagerly waiting to meet the baby, affirmations on the wall reminding her she is a warrior, she is loved)

I see these emotions in my client's partners and spouses and I have a deep desire for my own birth stories.

That's why I fight so hard for you.

So you can have what I never will.

Now you know my first why.

Enjoy this first image of a series of photos from births I attended in 2017 to see how I captured my first why for the families I work with.

I love being a birth photographer in south Florida. I work mainly in Boca Raton, and I hands down recommend Boca Raton Regional hospital as my favorite hospital. 

The experience there is amazing. Their staff and nurses are so sweet, caring and not pushy or judgmental of your birth preferences. They are use to caring for moms who are planning a schedule cesarean as well as moms who plan on having an unmedicated, least intervention as possible hypnobirth!