My 4 year old is the real reason I started my business. I was a hobbyist photographer for a good 6 years before she was born. She has been the person who has made me want to push myself to always be a better mommy, a better person, a better photographer. 

The other night, I asked her to describe me and she said to me: Mommy knows how to give really good hugs. She bought me dolly with a bottle, she helps me put on nice clothes, she gives kisses. 

That gives me ALL THE FEELS. Yes, I went to the local CVS and bought her a dolly along with some children's motrin when she had a fever. The little details she remembers really pull at my heart strings and make me realize I function at a WAY TOO FAST pace to enjoy this life. Her comments and observations always help me slow down and actually enjoy the little things.

I tell stories. 

I want to tell a story for you and your littles. They will be stories filled with connection and emotions. We will evolve and tell your story through giggles, kisses and touches.