Immediate Skin to Skin | Breastfeeding within one hour of birth in Boca Raton

He knew her #1 birth preference was to do skin-to-skin & breastfeed within that first hour of birth.

This doesn't always happen, and often it is due to a clerical hospital matter, such as a shift change, understaffed hospital, etc.

Often times, it isn't about the state of mom or baby's health.
He fought so hard, despite meeting so many obstacles to make it happen for her. 
This is baby's successful first latch with only the help of daddy.

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Shout out to all the hero dads out there who fight so hard for their babies and partners.

As a birth photographer in Coral Springs and Boca Raton, I see these emotions in my client's partners and spouses and I have a deep desire for my own birth stories.

That's why I fight so hard for you.
So you can have what I never will.

Now you know my first why.

Enjoy this first image of a series of photos from births I attended in 2017 to see how I captured my first why for the families I work with.