Boca Family - Boca Raton Family Photographer

My friendship with Cyndie really changed my entire life. I don't mean for that to sound so cliche, but it totally did. I had just had my first daughter and she had her second baby, a boy. We were both needing a 'mama tribe' we just didn't know it. Maybe I don't seem so at first, but I have totally completely been an introverted shy person my whole life! So it was SO hard to motivate myself to go out and meet a bunch of random moms with kids we didn't know, until I met Cyndie!! We motivated each other to go out to that first meetup. And from there, literally everything in my life has changed! Meeting all those kind, like minded moms, my life has never been fuller. I feel like I am always remembered, thought of, supported, and never alone! You go through so much as a parent, and it is so hard to do all of that without a mama tribe. I love this family so much. They fill this world with such joy!

I love capturing this family!

Paulina Splechta, Birth & Breastfeeding Motherhood Photographer in Boca Raton, FL