Janessa & Ariella - Boca Raton Breastfeeding Photographer

Every time Janessa & her precious smiley Ariella show up to a shoot with me, I am in for a treat. 

I ABSOLUTELY adore documentary photography, and I love capturing it indoors! I am like a fly on the wall zooming in and out onto special moments. But outdoor documentary... I am just learning. It's hard to break the ice and be creative and fun when you know someone is 'documenting you' and it is just stretches of sand with no couch to snuggle on or toys to play with. Janessa and her daughter make my transition into documentary photography outdoors easy. They arrive with smiles and excitement. Their energy and happiness is contagious, suddenly I get even more energetic and bubbly. And then with each frame, I feel like I'm capturing a cover for cosmo. Janessa is calm and collected, focused and radiant. Ariella is perfect in every shot.

Today Janessa brought her mama, Roxanne, with her to the shoot. This was truly special and so much fun for me! 

Paulina Splechta, Birth & Breastfeeding Motherhood Photographer in Boca Raton, FL