Meet the Pediatric Sleep Specialist who is Changing Sleep for South Florida Moms

When Laura became a mom to her beautiful baby boy Logan over 3 years ago she quickly discovered he was not a good sleeper.

She actually nicknamed him Senor Fussypants, because he fussed and whined day and night.

At the time, she didn’t know this wasn’t normal because he was growing and gaining weight on the standardized growth charts, and she recalls all the doctors telling her that “he’ll grow out of it”.

After a very long year of struggling he did grow out of his medical issues but not out of the sleep issues. So then Laura decided to try and learn everything she could about baby and toddler sleep, and she realized that there is a lot of misinformation out there and almost no support for parents!

As a struggling parent Laura decided to do something about it — she went back to school became certified and started her business:

Good Little SleeperZzz

south florida pediatric sleep consultant

So as a parent who struggled personally with sleep and infant sleep deprivation, Laura knows the kind of support and guidance parents need during these tough times. Which is why it’s become her passion to help support parents and education them on the topic of their children’s sleep!

The biggest misconception about the work Laura does:

Laura says that when people hear about the work she does, she gets called a “sleep trainer” and parents get nervous because they think that means that she comes into their homes and make their kids cry themselves to sleep (known as the “cry it out” method).

The Truth:

Laura never wanted to use the cry it out method with her own son so she would never ask any parent to do that with their babies.

Laura takes the time to explain, almost daily, to parents that there are gentle ways to teach positive independent sleep habits. She tries and encourages parents not to suffer through, so many parents think its okay to just survive in a sleep deprived state but doesn’t have to be that way!

Laura’s business "Good Little SleeperZzz is about educating and supporting parents struggling with their children’s sleep.

Laura offers families customized sleep plans and in home support.

Parents come to Laura exhausted and seeking guidance, so all her parents have to fill out an in-depth questionnaire which she uses to create their customized sleep plan for their child or children.

Next, she comes into their home to help guide them through implementing the plan and subsequently supporting them through all the new change.

Overall, her goal is to make the experience as positive as possible for both parents and the children.

What makes Good Little SleeperZz unique is Laura’s passion for helping the families she works with, not just help but to really support and guide them during the entire process. Any change can be hard but when you have someone who is there following up everyday (and even during the night), the entire process really becomes a positive one that can really change family’s outlook. There is nothing better for Laura and her company, than working with a struggling family who is just so grateful to have your help and support throughout the process, and then you get to see them really blossom into this beautiful, happy and well rested family. Seeing parents light up when they get their first good night’s sleep is just magical to Laura.

How to get in touch with Laura: