Big Sisters & Their Newborn Baby - Birth Story in Florida

As a birth photographer and birth videographer in Boca Raton, Florida, I feel so honored and blessed to be able to witness while documenting, the most intimate, precious moments between big siblings meeting the little person they have been waiting to meet during their mom's whole pregnancy.

I'm not sure what is sweeter and more moving, whether the bond between mom & baby or watching a mom as she gazes on her older child meeting the baby for the first time...

In that moment, mom's 'baby' is no longer the youngest, she watches this magical transition into the 'big sibling role' as the older child says "hello" for the first time to their new baby sibling.

It is so sweet to watch as these big siblings automatically and naturally as if born with an innate maternal instinct, immediately love on this new little person. 

I hope you enjoy this 'meeting story' of these big sisters meeting their darling baby sister Ainhoa, for the first time. 

I only take two - three families for birth stories each month in Broward and Palm Beach counties, and reserve their birth stories several months into their pregnancies. I do travel for birth stories as well to Naples and Tampa, Key West, and even northern Florida. I will travel out of the state of Florida - and have had birth clients in New York and Washington State and even abroad for certain birth stories (inquire for details).

If you are expecting and would like to hire me for your birth story, it is never too late to get in touch with me. Birth is unpredictable and sometimes plans do change and babies are born early and I may have an opening last minute, as I did with this special family in south Florida.