Christmas Babies | Due with your Baby over the Holidays

With the winter holidays of Christmas and Hanukkah coming up, a lot of moms with January due dates and February due dates are checking their lists for last minute baby purchases!

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With the start of pregnancy, many of my birth clients loved the options from motherhood maternity in the Boca Raton Town Center Mall for pregnancy clothing, (maternity jeans with belly bands and longer tees) as well as comfy choices from the maternity lines at H&M and Target. Many of these comfortable maternity items then become useful during the "4th trimester" or basically the first three months post partum as you are slowly recovering from birth. 

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Mid-way into pregnancy, maybe around 7 months, many moms will plan their Baby shower and some of my favorite baby shower locations in Coral Springs, Parkland and Boca Raton happen to be club house rentals! They are intimate, cozy, quiet and perfect size for an intimate gathering of friends and family to celebrate mom-to-be!

One of our favorite purchases with our second baby was the Arm's Reach Cosleeper Bassinet, however, by the time our second daughter was well over six months, all my birth clients here in south Florida and in Europe were raving about the HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper, which literally is probably one of the most comfortable bassinet systems I have ever seen. I love all things Amazon, and am totally an amazon prime mom, so I hyperlinked the title above for easy two day shipping options :)

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It's great for a number of reasons, and here are my top favorite reasons:

All sides of the bassinet are designed for the utmost breathability so when factors like SIDS come into play, moms rest easy knowing their baby will be safe.

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A huge huge reason why I especially love the Halo Bassinet, is because I am a two time cesarean birth mom and if you have had a belly birth yourself, you know how tough the recovery from a c-section can be, and with this bed's movability, it is ideal for nursing mothers as the base easily tucks under beds. I highly recommend it! I truly feel like this is one of the basic newborn essentials that should be on every single baby registry. I am fairly certain I remember seeing a HALO Bassinet system in every birth client's home in the entire year of 2017!

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Along with breathable bassinets, comes a very important breathable must-have for down the road once your baby starts sitting up (which is usually a sign they have outgrown the bassinet) -- and that is - a breathable mattress! 

Breathable mattresses are the latest and greatest technology in helping to prevent suffocation when a baby turns over on their stomach during sleep which is a huge asset in preventing SIDS.

Rated as one of the best and safest, breathable mattresses on the market is the Newton crib mattress, learn more here.  

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Now for moms who are currently 36 weeks pregnant, I really do feel you lucked out with the cold fronts we have been getting in south Florida over the past couple of weeks of this December compared to moms who have a May or June due date, July, or even an August due date in the summer of 2018!

 With basically one month left, first time moms can feel relieved that their baby is now full term and by 37 weeks they can go anytime now!

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Other Important things to take care of if you haven't at this point is to find the right pediatrician for your newborn baby.

There are several excellent practices in Coral Springs and pediatricians in Boca Raton and Parkland that I would be happy to recommend, feel free to reach out to me!

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