Boca Raton Birth and Family Photographer | Family welcomes its 9th member

A note to my dear friends, the Hartwigs at Organic Moments Photography...

Dear Josh & Erica,

Have I told you guys how much I admire you both as a couple and as parents? You get up with motivation and energy, and most of all unconditional love, every single morning, and just do this whole parenting/family/marriage thing like a couple of badass rockstars. 

You don't let the little things consume you, your joy and presence is in the NOW. You enjoy everyday, and love each of your children as if they were the one and only child in your life, and that amazes me as I try to juggle time with just my two girls. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason. And it just fills me with joy that we met, became great friends, and that you asked me to document the birth story of your fourth biological son. I am giggling now because I know as passionate, wordy and poetic I am with my words, Josh is over there saying something silly to make everyone laugh, so the atmosphere in the room doesn't get too serious or mushy-feely. So without further ado, please enjoy my favorite moments I got to spend with all 9 of you (and all the wonderful moms and grandmas who love an support you and your incredible kids). 

All my love, hugs, and giggles,