Mama-led birthing experience | West Palm Beach Birth Photographer

It was my first time arriving at Good Samaritan Medical Center. The parking lot was quiet. The sun had just risen and you could hear birds cooing as they glided over water, looking for breakfast along the intracoastal. Walking into this hospital brought me peace. A fresh breath of air.  

I walked into mama's sacred birthing space. The light filtering in through windows, just fresh after a glorious sunrise, warming up the cozy corners of this sacred space. 

I would spend the next 12 hours with an incredible woman in labor. Supported by one of the most incredible birth teams I have yet to see.

Her husband at her side through every intense wave and all the in between moments where they'd exchange glances that said "I believe in you", "you can do this" and "I love you" 

Her doula, incredible birth companion, encouraging her at every step, providing both emotional and physical support.

Her OB, completely on mama's side, parallel birth plan vision, allowing mama to lead her labor and birth as she envisioned. 

When my birth mama clients contact me, I ask them to place their trust in me, I ensure them I will document their birthing journey in an unobtrusive way. I will be only as involved as they ask. I will document their labor in an honest and dignified way as an artist who strives to achieve true documentation and profound realness. I thank my mama clients for putting this incredible, life-changing moment in my hands. Thank you for trusting me.