Everything you need to help you prepare for your pregnancy and upcoming labor, and birth

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If you are currently pregnant, or plan to start your family in the next few years, it is never too early to interview a Midwife or OBGYN for your upcoming birth.

For many women, it is easier to find a great gynecologist they really like, but harder to find the right medical provider who will care for them during pregnancy. It would be great if that person could be your gynecologist, but it is often not the case for many women. The reason tends to be, that many women have particular parameters for the type of care, support and experience they are looking for in a prenatal/birth medical provider, and often their gynecologist does not fit the bill. For this and many other reasons (including a woman realizing she may want to interview other providers once she is pregnant if she is uncertain if she is with the right person) I am including below for you three links to interview questions below to help you in your search.


If you are currently with a Midwife or OBGYN, or are in search of one, and you're not sure where to start, click below to print a list of questions you can ask during a consultation/interview with a new practice. Most midwives and OBGYNS are available for consultations before you hire them for your prenatal care. Print the questions, review them, and highlight the ones you want to discuss with a provider to ensure they are the right match for you. It is common for women to interview several different midwives/OBGYNS before making their decision. The person suited to you should be easy for you to talk to, make you feel very comfortable and be approachable, and be willing to answer all your most important questions before you are ready to hire them.

Also available to you are a list of questions to ask on a hospital tour. My recommendation is that when choosing the hospital you want to give birth at, look at all of your options. Make a list of what your top priorities may be for a labor and delivery department of a hospital. Examples could be, you may want a hospital that has a low c-section rate compared to other local hospitals, or perhaps you are looking for a hospital that often works with doulas and/or laboring water tubs, perhaps various types of pain management strategies are important to you. Consider what your personal needs may be when touring various hospitals. Make a list. I recommend calling your local hospital and requesting to schedule a private tour. That way, you have extra time, with a well informed person, to get the important answers to your questions. 

Many moms don't know whether they want a Midwife or an OBGYN for their prenatal care and to deliver their baby. Here is an article to help you make your decision, by distinguishing the difference between midwives and OB's and helping guide you through what your own personal expectations maybe when looking for a provider

For those seeking a home birth midwife, also known as a Licensed Midwife, there is an entire set of interview questions to ask as well. Home birthing moms have just as many needs and expectations as hospital parents, and every single home birth midwife has a different level of experience, and a different philosophy, so it is important to discuss these matters before hiring the one for you

Lastly, one of the most important choices a birthing mother will make is if she wants a doula to be part of her birth team. Follow the link below to a list of questions to ask a doula. These questions will help you determine if interviewing a handful of doulas may help you make the choice of whether to hire one.