I'm Paulina, I'm a mama to two incredible little girls. I am a wife to my best friend, a daughter to immigrant parents who are the hardest workers I have ever known in my life. A sister to some incredible siblings, an aunt to the world's coolest 3 nieces and nephew. I identify myself as talking about my family, because my family is the salt of the earth to me. They are my everything. When I meet you and commit to documenting your birth story, you become my family to me too. And so, you become my everything.

I am a story teller. A Birth Photographer. A film maker. A birth videographer.

My 4 year old is the real reason I started documenting motherhood through photography. I call her...

"The Magnificent Kate"

Kate gave me the confidence and encouragement to become the best version of myself. 

To push myself to be the best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, sister, aunt, and to be passionate about becoming the best photographer I can be. 

I was a photographer for 6 years before I became a mom in 2012. The day Kate was born, everything about my perspective on life changed. 

Four years in, when I sat down to write something about myself for my website, I turned to Kate and I asked her "what do you think of me?" she said to me: 

Mommy knows how to give really good hugs. She bought me dolly with a bottle, she helps me put on nice clothes, she gives kisses. 

I bought her a dolly along with some children's motrin when she had a fever. The fact that she remembers that I got her this dolly, over being sick... it's the little details that really pull at my heart strings and make me realize I need to slow my pace in life. Kate's observations stop me in my tracks. I slow my thinking, and enjoy the little things because of her.

I've been a mommy for four and a half years now. My births ended up being documented by my loving partner and best friend: my husband. And so now, I know the feeling of what I am missing out on. The feeling so many of my 2nd time mommy clients describe to me: 

They don't remember what their partner's face looked like the moment their daughter was born. 

The only memory they have of their birth is what is embedded in their mind, but they don't have a single photo that shows the biggest smile they had on their face, the tears of joy streaming down their cheek, the first cry from their baby's lungs that filled the room with happiness, giggles and relief. 

I am a story teller.

And because I missed out on having what to me are the greatest days of my life documented with my husband in them...

as an artist... it makes me ever the more passionate and determined to capture your story.

From the days when your baby is growing just below your heart beat, to the day they are in your arms, looking up at you.


The Boca Raton Birth Photography Experience with Paulina Splechta

When you hire me to document your birth story, we start preparing for your birth story from the very first day. I am available to you via text, phone call, and email through your entire pregnancy. I go on-call for you from 38 weeks. I do not travel outside a specific distance from my home in any direction so that I can attend your birth as soon as you’re ready for me to arrive. I only accept one - two birth moms per month, this way my full attention and priority can be on you.

Whenever your baby decides to enter the world, I'll be there. Your birthing day will be uniquely your own, and I strive to honor the sacredness of your story. I document the big and small moments of your birthing day quietly and unobtrusively. Your baby and your body lead the way. In each birth story, there is strength, there is joy, there is transformation. My job is to find these moments so that you and your family can look back on them in the years to come.

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Paulina Splechta's Background

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Words from Former Birth Photography Clients


"She has a true passion for birth and the families she photographs. Not only did she create amazing images, she provided us with much needed emotional support. Paulina truly cares about you, and telling your story." 



"Paulina's heart and soul goes into knowing the ins and outs of her clients, what their birth plan is and carefully captures the most intimate and beautiful moments of birth."



"Life is busy and moves quickly but I certainly have those photos and that experience to look back on and one day my daughter will see what amazing women were in her life from the start thanks to Paulina"




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