Do you love my work and the photos I've captured for you?

Starting February 2017, you can earn rewards for referring friends and family to Paulina Splechta Photography! 

It is effortless!

How it works

Continue to spread the word about Paulina Splechta Photography to all your friends and family!

When you recommend Paulina Splechta Photography to a specific family that is looking to book a photographer, be sure to submit the form below indicating you referred them.

Once the family books a session with me and the session is completed and paid in full, you'll receive a thank you gift card in the mail!

It's that easy!

You can fill out the form for as many families as you refer to me

And you get to choose what type of giftcard you'd like to receive (to what store)

Depending on what type of session the family books with me, you'll receive one of the giftcards listed below:



Mini Session (5 digitals) - $5 giftcard

Full Session - $20 giftcard

One Hour Documentary Session - $25 giftcard

Three Hour Documentary Session - $35 giftcard

Full Documentary Session (6 hours) - $45 giftcard

First Moments (first 2 hours following birth) - $25 giftcard

Birth Photography - $40 giftcard

Full Service Birth Photography Story - $50 giftcard


*Be sure to fill out your referral right away, no back dating allowed

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Mailing Address for Gift Card (Make sure there are no errors)