South Florida Maternity Photoshoot at Bethesda by the Sea

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South Florida maternity photoshoot in a place unlike you've ever seen before.

This entire church, its gardens and various wooden structures all reminded me of Germany. My heart was in a happy place. I cannot wait to go back to Germany and Switzerland in the near future, I miss these beautiful places and cannot wait to capture more maternity sessions and births and even newborns overseas! 

These two, expecting their first child, a baby boy, made me wish I could travel back in time and honor my own pregnancies in this exquisite spot. 

Being south Florida, most of my sessions do tend to happen at the gorgeous, golden beaches. It is a rarity that a client seeks out a unique location that doesn't look at all like Florida. My birth clients flew in from the Bahamas, so they are no strangers to spending 12 months of the year on the sandy beaches, and wanted something green and magical.

The church at Bethesda by the Sea in West Palm Beach definitely hit the spot for a 'rustic' feeling for this maternity shoot.

I'm so excitedly waiting these next three months to honor this family in meeting their baby boy!

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Venue: Bethesda by the Sea

Waiting on Girl #2 | Maternity & Pregnancy Family Documentary Session at the Dog Beach in Jupiter, FL

When I met Leslie and her family of three... soon to be family of four... I knew right away that we were going to be friends. I was really excited when Leslie emailed this to me:

"I'm not a "smile at the camera" gal. I love documentary, abstract type photos. I know you want to step out of your comfort zone and I am super excited to be part of this change for you." 

That was the coolest email I could have gotten ever! It said to me "I trust you, do whatever you want because what you're doing, I love"

I think it is quite possibly the most freeing feeling in the world when your client trusts you so much, and completely lets go and gives you creative freedom.

Here are some of my absolutely favorite images from their documentary lifestyle maternity and family session with their amazing daughter and two precious doggies. I hope you enjoy these photographic pictures as much as I did!

Bedner's Farm Delray Beach Spring Family Photo Sessions & Some Maternity Shots!

There's something about open land that makes me feel happy and blissful. Fields, fresh air, wind, wild animals, plants, trees; Being around these things instantly puts me into a happy, care-free mood, it's almost like hypnosis. I instantly stop worrying about everything and feel as light as a feather. I visited Bedner's Farm in Delray Beach with both of my kids, my two girls, a few weeks back. My brother and his family were with us, and I brought my camera of course. We took pictures of each other with each other's kids. When I got home and looked over these pictures, they immediately relaxed me and I thought of what a wonderful, splendid easy day we had outside with our families. 

I decided I have to invite some of my favorite families out to Bedner's one weekend and do some spring family sessions with them. While the strawberries, tomatos and peppers are ripe and growing, it will be the perfect time to capture some gorgeous family photos. One of my dear, sweet families I invited is pregnant and expecting a new baby boy in a few weeks... I am so excited for them with a newborn just around the corner, we had to celebrate with a maternity session... we did a little bit of posing, but this gorgeous family has shot with me in the past and needed no direction :) 

And for the most part, we just had a lot of silly fun. They laughed, picked strawberries, ate them, got pretty messy, rolled around in the green strawberries patches, and shared lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses. I had a really sweet and fun time walking around them capturing all these adorable, intimate, candid - lifestyle moments while they had fun all on their own, they even forgot I was there at one point, or so it seems :) 

Enjoy! and go pick some strawberries of your own! Yum!!


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Click here to Meet my partner Lena who captures all these beautiful memories from maternity and newborn sessions exclusively for my birth clients leading up to and following their birth stories... 

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We were so excited to do this documentary lifestyle family session for Loreley and her family. We spent weeks planning it! 

I met them back when her son Mikey was a tiny nursling. I can't believe that I blinked and suddenly Mikey is about to become a big brother! 

We met just before sundown in Delray Beach... my favorite beach is just off of Linton Boulevard and A1A... its called Atlantic Dunes Park and its kind of perfect for moody, documentary sessions. 

The late afternoon sun cast some toasty, moody shadows all over the boardwalk and the green trees and plant life transformed it into almost a North Carolina vibe... made my heart soar! I have been dreaming of going out of state to a mountainous town with the loveliest forests and fields and rolling hills. I'm always so joyful and bubbly when I catch one of my favorite tropical south Floridian locations acting like its all northerny :) 

I hope you enjoy these photographic pictures as much as I did!



I am posting this maternity photo session years later as I reminisce on the amazing journey this incredible mom and dad have been through from their first pregnancy with their little girl, as we approach their second maternity shoot this fall, I am so excited to put together their journey through the last two years going from a couple to a family of three to now soon, a family of four. 

I am so excited to share with you the upcoming sessions for this family over the next few months. Stay tuned!!

If you would like to view their newborn family session please click here


Boynton Beach Maternity Photographer |

Looking back on these sacred pregnancy images, I feel so grateful that all the stars aligned and allowed for me to meet these parents and for them to meet me. Us meeting was so last minute and surprising, that it truly felt like our paths were meant to cross and this was truly meant to be. If you'd like to see the birth story of their twin boy and girl babies at Boca Raton Regional Hospital, you can follow the link here

Pembroke Pines Maternity Photographer | Expecting Baby Boy Easton

glorious sunset, baby bump, passionate kissing, and LIFE ♡

the toasty sunset of the everglades made this hour drive completely worth it for me last night. I captured this shot around the corner of the sun creating the sun flares. and then two gators showed up and scared me so we scurried off the docks

these beautiful same gender parents lit up the evening south Florida sky with the warmest, loveliest sunset I have ever seen! It reminded me of when I visited Sanibel Island over 20 years ago with my family. What a happy, most perfect summer night. 

Boca Raton Maternity & Birth Photographer | Waiting for Baby Victoria

With just a few weeks remaining for this lovely mama, I had such a great time hanging out with them at the beach. 

They were so easy going and care free, it made me realize sometimes we just have to take a break from being super serious and enjoy life :) 

I am so eager to get the call - middle of the night - maybeeeee during the day, that mama is in early labor. I am so excited to honor this loving family by documenting the birth story of their baby girl. 

These images are some of my favorite family / maternity photos of all time. 

Their happiness and energy, their love and togetherness, it is amazing to me.

I am so excited to hopefully be sharing some images of this family as a family of four in just a few short weeks!

Enjoy mamas! 

My fairytale mama client <3 

Expecting Baby Boy - Boca Raton Birth Photographer

Back in the first week of July, I was 9 months pregnant in the crazy heat of our Florida summers when I met up with the absolutely gorgeous, like minded mama Ashley and her hubby David and their lovely little Alexandra for a family - breastfeeding - maternity shoot on Delray Beach! What an epic trio in one! Despite the tropical climate, this family pulled of my absolutely favorite sessions to date, the colors, the love and connection are just jaw dropping! 

Ashley and I shared part of our pregnancies together and she is due in about three weeks with her baby boy, and I just birthed my little girl Emma, my second daughter a few weeks ago, so we were just 3 months and 2 days apart in our pregnancies! It was fun being apart of a facebook pregnancy mama group together, sharing our pregnancy experiences and tough days, and our bump selfies! What a totally different experience from my first pregnancy where I was definitely lacking that mother tribe support system. 

I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was to photograph her gorgeous family. When the stars align and you have the perfect sunset, a gorgeous family, and that lucky week where the seaweed that washed ashore is still perfectly golden, it is just heaven. 


Three and a half months later, my little girl is 2 months old and Ashley is one month away from her due date. I invited Ashley to join me for a day of celebrating motherhood with other special mamas for mini sessions in East Boca Raton. 

This mama rocked her shoot just 4 weeks shy of her due date, look at how radiant she is! And my goodness how incredibly big has Alexandra gotten in just the matter of 3 1/2 months! I feel like every single shot speaks to the incredible love and gentleness they have as parents. 


Paulina Splechta, Birth & Breastfeeding Motherhood Photographer in Boca Raton, FL