Advice for Up and Coming Birth Photographers

What Kind of Packages Do You Offer?

A birth photographer part of one of the national associations I am a member of recently asked about how I run my business, in terms of packages and products and what kind of products or services I include in my offerings to clients.

I think that it can be very stressful trying to figure out how to price yourself as a photographer in general and the genre of birth is so unique, unlike wedding photography, event photography, and especially unlike family photography, that it puts an even greater strain on a photographer / entrepreneur to figure out their own business plan.

Photo Credit: Zenmamalove

Photo Credit: Zenmamalove

You Are Enough

I wish that when professionals gave me advice over a decade ago, that I would take it to heart. It took me years to figure out what would work for me. Back then, I wasn't yet ready then to hear that I AM ENOUGH and whatever anyone else is doing has nothing to do with me. I am grateful for the personal growth I have attained since then.

To up and coming birth photographers (or those seeking to find what works best for them) I recommend trying out many business methods until you find something that speaks to your truth.

In Person Sales and Other Dreams

For example as much as I WANT to do IPS, (In Person Sales) I am not in a place in my life where I have the mental capacity for it, and currently while motherhood and life is overwhelming to me, I personally deeply value accessibility (digital files).

I personally don’t incorporate anything into my business that I don’t believe in, because unless you’re an excellent sales person who can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo, if you don’t believe in what you offer to your clients, they won’t believe you either.

Photo Credit: Zenmamalove

Photo Credit: Zenmamalove

Over the years, before I had even photographed my first birth, I tried so many different pricing menus, from a la carte to build your own package, to the three package menu, I've been down the road of comparing my prices to local professionals and professionals nationwide, and after five years of being a Birth Photographer, (and after 12 years of being a photographer in general), I am currently in a different headspace.

I currently don’t know how other professionals are running their businesses here locally in south Florida or nationwide.

Feel Fulfilled and Meet Your Own Financial Goals

The first time I truly believed in my value was when I took a step back from observing everyone and instead, I focused on what it is that I need to do with my own business so I can feel fulfilled and meet my own financial goals.

I built my pricing and offerings based on my unique life goals. And I limit how many clients I accept and what kind of clients I accept based on those goals.

While I think it can be great, motivating and inspiring to see how everyone around you is doing, the danger can be that for some if they are not careful it can be frustrating and discouraging if they are already struggling to find their own footing (that was me years ago).

For me, what I feel is fulfilling, came through looking inward.