Don't Apologize for being "too" sensitive

grandparents meeting baby hospital


I use to be convinced that me being oversensitive, overemotional was a burden on others.

But being a hypersensitive person has become my greatest asset in life.
Part of my realization of this was listening to @wondherful Heather Funk Palacios (founder of “WondHerful,” a mission dedicated to mental health and suicide extinction through blog posts) speak last week about how what we think makes us a burden on others isn’t true. Everyone has what they think makes them a “burden” but if we find our community among the crowd, we don’t have to apologize for being who we are.

I think that becoming a mother makes it even easier to find ALL your shortcomings laid out in front of you, and think you’re not good enough.

None of this is true.

I could still think that being an overly emotional human makes me a burden.

But I know that being hypersensitive is the gift that produces this depth of emotional artwork from my birth stories.

It’s what draws expecting families to need me at their side when they meet their babies.

Without being a hypersensitive person, I couldn’t achieve this with my work.

I notice this level of emotion in others and to me it’s always in the front seat at a birth story.

The “first” moment matters so much.

You can’t lose these moments.

There is only a split second to capture this reaction and then it’s gone forever.