Full Birth Story Shared — Home Birth with Midwife Michelle Cerami and Labor Doula Irina Shlain

I am rarely asked to share full birthing stories. I think families see these gorgeous and empowering moments that move their hearts so much, they can almost envision their own births just from seeing one of my birth photographs.

Today I wanted to share a very special and recent birthing story through photographs.

When I speak with families for the first time, some families ask me how many photos are included in a birth story.

While every birth story is completely unique and not possible to plan with birth being so unpredictable, I have always ever captured a minimum of 100 photos in telling the stories of every family over the last five years.

So below I would love to share with you 100 images from this beautiful birth story of first time parents.

This family ultimately received a birth story from me with 302 images, so in addition to these 100 images, they also received 202 more photos that were unique and very special. I am keeping all those images (as well as images of baby crowning) for the family-only, to preserve privacy, safety and sacredness of their story.

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Pictured below in addition to my clients are the amazing:

Home Birth Midwife: Michelle Cerami of East Coast Midwifery

Labor Doula: Irina Shlain of Monkey Mind Wellness