Birth Story of Julia: First Time Parents at Northwest Medical Center, Margate, FL

Birth Video: Birth Story of Julia

I remember the first time I met Celeste and Adam back in February. I was so excited for them to meet their daughter Julia. This was their first time they would be becoming parents. I don’t think there is quite anything as amazing as seeing two incredible adults become a mother and a father for the first time ever. That first moment is so unpredictable, how meeting the tiny human they created would impact them, if they would smile or cry, it is the most magical moment of life.

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Celeste’s water broke while they were getting ice cream one day, and I came into meet them at the hospital once things got intense. It was a really cool experience for me, having been a mama for 7 years now, to witness this very real couple experience the joy and excitement of the entire experience of birthing for the first time. It was cool to hear dad explaining to family that came in to visit before and after their baby’s birth, how she went into labor. And it was so cool to hear mom talk about her first moments seeing, hearing and holding her baby.

When I first arrived at the hospital, I learned that their favorite provider from their practice was on-call today, and I was excited to hear that it was Amarily Barahona, the CNM (certified nurse midwife) from Royal Palm OBGYN. We had met before, and it is always such a wonderful experience for women in labor to know that their birth team all knows each other and feels familiar & comfortable working side by side through out their labor and birth.

I am eager to hear what you all think of this amazing birth story. The love, the hugs, the kisses and all the excitement and joy are expressed so vividly and I am happy to share their birth story with you! Leave me a comment below what your favorite moment ends up being and don’t forget to watch their birth video!