The Story of Maxwell

Today, 7 months ago, at 11:23pm, a sweet angel was born


This mom. Her husband. Their birth team. Two doulas. The nurses. Everyone supported this amazing warrior mama so much.

She spent her pregnancy energy focusing on hypnobirthing, concentrating, focusing, calming, relaxing, embracing every wave that was to come.

Her team knew how important an unmedicated as natural as possible birth was to her and her husband (and best friend) and they did everything to support and encourage her through every contraction closer to meeting her son.

Her OB walked into the delivery room just as mama emerged from the hot shower and baby boy was crowning.

She made her way to the delivery bed, and with a few pushes, sweet boy was born onto mama’s chest.

You were such an inspiring warrior mama. You are such a strong woman. Your doulas and I were so incredibly proud of you! And your husband was your steadfast rock. If he was nervous at all, we were never able to tell. Your constant and relentless encouragement and being at her side was awe inspiring.

And her team... Her OB Dr. Arcelin of Women’s Health Partners, her amazing doulas Elle and Samara from Orchids Nest. She had the dream team. But then again, everyone at Boca Raton Regional Hospital comprises to make a dream team!