My Breastfeeding Journeys | It Goes By So Fast

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Wow I haven't looked at this blog post in years.

I went back to it tonight as I was talking to one of my birth clients from December about her struggles with how freaking hard breastfeeding a baby can be in the beginning and I went back to this blog post to show her that it can get better...

But mannnn!

It all seems like a distant memory now... like I never breastfed! It's just been so long.

My younger one, Emma, weaned completely - shortly after she turned 1. We had to supplement a ton after she was 3-6 months because I almost completely was unable to produce a few months after she was born, but pushed to about 12, 13 months with her. Now she's 2 and a half and I totally feel like its all a distant memory.

Lasts such a short blink of the eye.

I feel for the mamas who can't. The ones who don't want to. The ones who fight really hard to.

It's the hardest thing ever. Not easy at all.

I have no regrets nursing Kate forever and barely even nursing Emma, just didn't have it in me after two hard pregnancies.

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boca raton birth photographer