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Everyone waited so patiently all day to find out the winner of the two giftcards... a giftcard for a Facebook review winner and a giftcard for a google review winner! 

So Kate and I got to the facebook winner today... but we won't get to the google reviews giftcard winner until Thursday because of our hectic schedule! So there are two extra days! 

I spent all day focusing completely on being a mom. 

We decided to spend the next few weeks giving the kids an immune system break... and boost. 

We are dedicating the next 8 weeks to solid immune system reparation after a ton of bacterial and viral infections those nasty preschool germs produce... and during this time, some totally uncharted waters homeschooling.

I created this blog post for the amazing fans who left such an incredible review for me.

I want to thank every single one of you for leaving me a review.

The words you wrote really raised my spirits, to just hear, months or years after capturing your incredible families, how much love and appreciation you still have for the work I do. 

Thank you! 

There will be so many more opportunities to win giftcards and other prizes throughout this upcoming year as Kate and I have our creative thinking hats on. 

If you'd like to apply for my ambassador program... there is still one space left, and you receive photoshoots for your family all year! follow this link:

If you would like to receive fun mail (snail mail) year round, for your birthday and such, fill out this form below :)


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Now, without further ado....

The winner of the $30 Facebook gift card is......