MY WHY'S | The Reasons Why Birth Photography

It’s a beautiful Monday and there are 23 days left until Christmas, and for the next week (or maybe rest of the year) I’m going to share with you my personal WHY:

There's a few reasons why birth photography.

Why I am so passionate and devoted to my birth clients, and the very first one starts with partner:

South Florida Hospital Newborn Photographer.jpg

I have no idea what my husband's emotional reactions looked like during the highs and lows of my birth stories. If you can relate to this give me a "I feel ya" down in the comments, but my husband is not a very emotional guy so I would do anything at this point to go back in time and be able to see all the emotions on his face ranging from nervousness, boredom, excitement, blissful joy, pride and the ultimate relief that she's finally here.

I see these emotions in my clients partners and spouses and I have a deep desire for my own birth stories.

That's why I fight so hard for you.

So you can have what I never will.

Now you know my first why.

Enjoy this series of photos from births I attended in 2017 to see how I captured my first why for the families I work with as a hospital and home birth and newborn photographer in south Florida.