R1 Coffee Company | Where Friends Meet to Unwind

My partner and dearest friend Lena and I meet every week for a couple of stolen hours to unwind away from motherhood, home and errands.

This week we found a classy & elegant modern styled coffee shop in the heart of Boca Raton.

r1 coffee boca raton.jpg

Our lattes were adorable ~ expert made.

I took my first taste and said to Lena "are these sweetened?" 

I honestly had never tasted such a smooth cup of coffee in my life. And I am pretty obsessed with the deliciousness of coffee.

It makes you wonder, when you've tasted something this good, how in the world you've ever spent ten+ years of your life indulging in anything else.

I didn't even wait. As Lena was taking notes for our epic event we are hosting in February, I completely downed my latte with delight.

wedding event photographers in boca raton palm beach.jpg

If you haven't been by this delightful coffee shop, we highly recommend it!!

They have a location off of Dixie Highway and Palmetto Park Road (which is where we stopped by and met Sebastian, the charming barista) and another location on Federal Highway just south of Spanish River Boulevard that we can't wait to visit! We heard the owner hangs out in one of the two locations and we are excited to meet him. We love their mentality behind working as a team, planning as a team, because it reflects Lena and my mentality for our partnership. And we hear that they are opening a third location off of Military Trail!!

And their food is out of this world - totally did not expect that from a coffee shop. Typical coffee shops have croissants and pre-made breakfast sandwiches, but it was overwhelmingly clear when I took the first bite out of an egg bake with a fancy name I can't remember: three eggs baked into a chimichurri sauce with mushrooms, spinach and feta cheese. I am pretty sold on the idea of making this my regular breakfast spot.

I hope you love these sneak peeks of this phenomenal caffeine boost!