The Off-Call Life | What My Family Does when I'm Off-Call

I absolutely love birth.

I am so committed to my families, and I always leave a birth feeling so much gratitude.

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Birth is, after all, this wonder in life.

A wonder because a woman can feel her most vulnerable in this most intimate moment, while also feeling empowered.

You can feel fear and anxiety while also feeling joy and exhilaration.

So I feel gratitude.

My families trust me.

They listen to my words and believe me.

They know I will honor them and value their privacy above anything else.

I love it when I get tiny moments off-call in between births.

The exciting life of being on-call is well balanced with short spurts of days where my phone is turned off, and my full attention is on my kids. They love it too.

This time around was especially exciting for them because their KiwiCo subscription boxes that we just signed up for to test out had come in the mail a few weeks back and I was finally getting the chance to sit down with them and be creative and imaginative. 

kiwico stem kids projects south florida boca raton.jpg

They were so excited.

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In case you haven't heard of them, KiwiCo supplies a subscription box service to families with Hands-on Learning & Experience Based Play.

I'm kind of big on raising my girls to be independent, fiery, passionate, driven and I'm so into the fact that their boxes are STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) projects!

I can't wait to share these pictures below of the fun activity that was set to my older daughter's age became perfect for even my two year old toddler to join in on! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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