The Little Coffee Shoppe | Coral Springs

There's a little quaint coffee shop I love in the heart of Coral Springs and you're going to fall in love with all their clever decor!!

The Little Coffee Shoppe, Coral Springs

little coffee shop coral springs.jpg

This is basically my favorite place to meet my dearest colleagues in the birth world and birth clients!

It is adorable, has delicious coffee, and amazing food you're not exactly expecting when the typical croissant is the more likely food choices at other coffee shops.

I loved my mid-November visit because I got to see some of my favorite people. Lisa Raynor, my favorite hospital doula (she's always at my favorite hospital in south Florida: Boca Raton Regional Hospital or working with Omega Women's Care at Northwest Medical Center in Margate) you'll either find her with a mom in labor or at a coffee shop with me and our darling Mercedes Stevens, South Florida Baby Nurse.

Dr. Kat Vigo, of, our wonderful friend in the obstetric field of physical therapy came by to cheer us up on a weekday, and even our friends Sasha Lansing (Certified Nurse) who is an amazing lactation consultant at Mom's Breast Friend and Laura Knecht, sleep trainer at Good Little Sleeperzzz joined. It was a full house of birth workers. Those mornings are THE BEST.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy being able to spend time with the people I love working with. It makes being a single-person-run company a little less lonely. And we are all about community over competition. We love supporting each other and empowering one another.

The best part about working with these phenomenal women as a birth photographer in South Florida is that I have such a wide variety of resources for moms-to-be. 

When I became a mom to my first born 5 years ago, I was in it on my own, I had no idea that there were women out there who could help me with my breastfeeding difficulties, the sleepless nights we endured through the first two years, and the pain I was dealing with through BOTH pregnancies and post partum recovery. These are the women in my tribe who I just cannot recommend enough!