When You Realize Your Baby is a Big Kid | Boca Raton Family

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We didn't know we were waking up this morning to being parents of no longer babies/toddlers, today started life as parents to big kids. at 8am, Emma marched into our bedroom like a police siren announcing "I did it!" that she had climbed out of her crib on her own.

We glared over at Kate, our five year old, who spent the night on a cot in our master bedroom, in disbelief of Emma's statement, sure that Kate played a part in helping Emma out of her crib.

But Kate sat there in the cot, eyes half open, saying "what's going on...?"

The story started to become more believable. All of us got out of bed, and we told Emma to show us how she climbs out so that we could really believe it was all her...

Considering she turned two years old three months ago, we feel pretty lucky this is happening only now. Most of our friends with stories of their toddlers climbing out of the crib involve a 12-14 month old toddler! We are glad she waited this long until she had more balance and strength and ended up on the other side safe and sound!

This morning we removed one of the panels from her crib and replaced it with a toddler rail.

It is a bitter sweet moment when you realize your baby is a big kid.