Bedner's Farm Delray Beach Spring Family Photo Sessions & Some Maternity Shots!

There's something about open land that makes me feel happy and blissful. Fields, fresh air, wind, wild animals, plants, trees; Being around these things instantly puts me into a happy, care-free mood, it's almost like hypnosis. I instantly stop worrying about everything and feel as light as a feather. I visited Bedner's Farm in Delray Beach with both of my kids, my two girls, a few weeks back. My brother and his family were with us, and I brought my camera of course. We took pictures of each other with each other's kids. When I got home and looked over these pictures, they immediately relaxed me and I thought of what a wonderful, splendid easy day we had outside with our families. 

I decided I have to invite some of my favorite families out to Bedner's one weekend and do some spring family sessions with them. While the strawberries, tomatos and peppers are ripe and growing, it will be the perfect time to capture some gorgeous family photos. One of my dear, sweet families I invited is pregnant and expecting a new baby boy in a few weeks... I am so excited for them with a newborn just around the corner, we had to celebrate with a maternity session... we did a little bit of posing, but this gorgeous family has shot with me in the past and needed no direction :) 

And for the most part, we just had a lot of silly fun. They laughed, picked strawberries, ate them, got pretty messy, rolled around in the green strawberries patches, and shared lots of snuggles, hugs and kisses. I had a really sweet and fun time walking around them capturing all these adorable, intimate, candid - lifestyle moments while they had fun all on their own, they even forgot I was there at one point, or so it seems :) 

Enjoy! and go pick some strawberries of your own! Yum!!