Grow with me | Second Baby Girl Newborn Session in Fort Lauderdale

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I met Caroline & Chris a couple years ago when they were expecting their first baby girl. It has been really cool watching their oldest daughter grow and become a big sister. I couldn't wait to see how their girls are getting along in the beginning :)

I have my own two girls at home that are 2 years and 10 months apart, and I am so excited about them growing up and being best friends. I think that's been my favorite part of motherhood so far, watching my girls play and learn about each other. And the beginning is so great, all the focus is on big sis and her newly attained role, and on baby sis taking it all in.

When I pulled up to their new house in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday morning, I was really charmed! Fort Lauderdale has its fair share of eclectic and quirky homes, and its so refreshing from neighborhoods where theres maybe 3-4 variations of the same house design. 

I almost wished I could stay the whole day and document every nook and cranny of their house. I walked through the front gate of their fence that encompasses their entire yard (which I just LOVE!) your kids can run around the entire yard without worrying they'd get in the street, how cool is that? Grandma and Grandpa greeted me at the door along with dad. Grandma was rocking baby girl in her arms and she looked SO in love, as grandmas always do. 

I spent a little bit of time taking candid/lifestyle documentary photos in their eating room and kitchen, (I absolutely ADORE their pot hanging rack by the way and want to get one ASAP for my own kitchen! And their window cabinet doors are just my style!) I followed the family upstairs to the master bedroom overlooking their entire backyard. The wall of windows was a dream come true. I feel that natural light is a beautiful, moody gift, perfect for capturing every moment in your home. 

I hope you enjoy these photographic pictures as much as I did! Such a sweet Newborn Session with the entire family including their doggy in their Fort Lauderdale cozy house. I can't wait to continue to capture amazing moments with this family as their girls grow up big and turn into best friends!