Jupiter Birth Photographer | the peaceful home birth of their first child

This family found me last minute. They were expecting their first child and it was so important to them to do this the right way. Birth in peace, surrounded by a team of midwives they trusted and felt safe with in the comfort of their loving family home. They wanted this moment that they would become parents for the very first time to be documented with love, artistic craft, respect and dignity. 

A little over a week later... 

I received the call in the early hours of the night. It was the beginning of April, and the notorious Floridian humidity just started to pick up... so as I rushed out to my car in the darkness, my glasses fogged up. I was worried if I would make it up to Jupiter in time. They called me that their contractions were three minutes apart. (I normally like I go when contractions are five minutes apart, after I've been following a mama's birth wave pattern changes for several hours). 

I drove on the empty highway for an hour, hustling... worrying... and then as I approached their home, just around the corner they let me know that things were nice and steady, not to worry, I wouldn't miss it.

I entered their home in the still of the night, it was ever so quiet. The air was fresh with air purifiers and essential oils... everyone was wearing smiles of ecstatic joy and comfort. Their vibrant home adorned in the loveliest and happiest of colors and decor about to welcome their little first joy. 

The courageous mama labored for 23 long hours, never giving up, not even once. Her husband who is her confidant and best friend, at her side through all twenty three hours, providing emotional and physical support, was the most tender of birth companions I have ever witnessed and documented. 

I hope you enjoy this birth as much as I did. I am so proud to call these birth clients dear friends... and family <3