Birth Warrior, Mama of Boys | Wellington Birth Photographer

When I started to edit this mama's birth story, a lot of emotions and feelings came flooding back to me. It was a long 13 hours.

This woman you see is a resilient, courageous, invincible warrior.

Anything that comes her way, she will not allow to break her. She will fight even when there is no fight left.

Through the following images of this mama's labor, you will understand why she was chosen to be mother of boys.
It is exactly this woman that was needed to birth and mother these three little boys who will grow up to be the bravest, kindest, loving men.

It is so moving to go back and see in all these images how her husband stayed at her side through her labor, never faltering.

This is how families are built.

This is why I am a birth photographer.

I want my birthing families to look back and see the foundation that their families are built on.

The strength and courage and love they found deep within themselves in the most epic of moments. Their togetherness, their stability, their trust.

These are birthing stories.