Cozy Newborn Home Lifestyle Session with a family of 6 including fur babies!

When my Emma was born, things were so, to be completely honest, chaotic!

Suddenly everyday tasks took over the whole day! I barely got around to getting more than 1 big thing done a day. So for me, to schedule time for a photoshoot, get my whole family dressed and get out to the beach, well, that thought sounded exhausting to me!!!

Don't get me wrong, I would have LOVED to do a gorgeous sunset session on the beach with my family, but that just wasn't going to happen! Having just had a baby, we mommies know that it isn't a walk in the park! There's some recovery time, both physical and emotional, and it varies for every woman of course, but how easy and how YOU is it to invite your photographer into your home and have them capture what your family is like right now, without waiting until your baby is crawling or walking.

I started documenting my own family on a weekly basis with my big camera once the baby was born. I learned a big lesson all on my own, I'm not in most of these pictures! Insert big sad face! 

I was so excited that it was important to Ana that I come back to her home after the birth of her daughter Victoria. The first weeks of what a lot of moms call the fourth trimester go by so fast and a lot of days run into each other. I love that this session took place in their home. It is cozy and it is so them.

If you are pregnant and expecting your little baby in January, February or even March of the new year 2017, it's not too early or too late to contact me about a newborn lifestyle or documentary session in your home! 

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