Photography Gear | Boca Raton Family Portrait Photographer

As I drift further and further into documentary photography (the real life, candid stuff) I find myself using my buttery smooth portrait lenses less frequently as I glide into the field of documentary lenses. I was so eager to to purchase this lens a year ago for all the breastfeeding sessions I do. Inspired by the incredible work of photographer Suzy Mead (of Portraits by Suzy) and her gorgeous work with the 135mm, I was so excited for it and you'll see why!! I worked with my 50mm 1.4 lens for about 8 years before I took a dive in the pond of the most shallow depth of field I've ever worked with on such a long focal lens. 

Those of you who know me professionally know how much care I put into my gear. Nothing I own has ever been dropped, scratched, dented. I am so excited to pass the baton to another photographer who is ready for the yummiest bokeh-filled portait sessions with this delightful 135mm 2.0L canon lens. 

Below are some of my examples of my work with the 135mm 2.0L