Every once in a while, a mama prepares for her birth the right way, with the right support and an incredible strength, courage and love for her unborn child, but despite everyones plans, sometimes baby has a a plan of his own. 

I was incredibly emotionally moved by the unparalleled and immense support this beautiful, radiant mama received throughout her labor from her entire family. It warms my heart to see a room full of supportive women who are lifting a birthing mama up with positivity and love. The moment that her own mom and dad surrounded her during her labor, her dad applying pressure to her back, her mom giving her ice chips, her wife speaking words of support, my heart just ached and filled up with so much joy and courage. We as women deserve to labor and birth as mama goddesses. Birth is a beautiful day of our lives, when a miracle happens. We realize, our body has not failed us. Instead, it has been this miraculous vessel that has grown the most perfect little human being on the face of this earth. It has nourished this child and it has signaled us when this child is ready to be welcomed earth side.

I am grateful from the depths of my heart to the amazing staff at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, FL for understanding that key to a beautiful birth is to allow the birthing mama to have a peaceful and happy birthing experience. So thank you, for making an exception and welcoming me into the operating room to continue to document this sacred birth story for Chloe and Erica. They became parents for the first time on August 28th, and it is thanks to your understanding that I am able to give this small gift of their first reactions and first moments as parents to them. 

I hope that other hospitals and providers begin to learn from these moments and experiences to understand how healing and fulfilling something as simple as a birth story documented by a respectful professional birth photographer can have a profound affect on a family.