Palm Beach Family Photographer | Picnic at Dawn

I met this family when our daughters Kate and Lela were around 14-18 months old. We originally met at the Spanish River Library in East Boca when I was working over the summer (a few summers ago) on getting some photos of local mamas nursing their littles.

I am so joyful and I simply can't express HOW joyful I am, that we became the closest friends.

This friendship means so much to me.

I love that I can be 100% myself.

Friendships like this one are what help me to remember that I love WHO I am. That I am proud of who I am. That I can boldly be who I am and find confidence in that. I think everyone deserves to have a friendship like this :)

I love doing this family's annual family photos. Every year we do something new and fun. And this year's session really goes to show that you don't need to dress up perfectly and smile at the camera to have memories that you absolutely adore of photos you want to print.

Some of these memories are some of my favorites family photos of all time, and they are not necessarily even paying attention to me being there for most of the session.

Mama had an idea to do a darker, moodier session starting just before sunrise, so we met at dawn and finished the session just as the sun was rising. I am in love. Enjoy!