West Palm Beach Birth and Family Photographer | Welcoming Thea after sunrise

The calm, windy evening had beautiful clouds over Good Samaritan Medical Center Sunday night. Walking into their labor room, I felt a calming presence. This was possibly one of the most peaceful and quiet births I have ever attended. 

It really struck me emotionally how incredibly in-tune dad and mom were through every contraction. I always recommend to first time (and even second and third time moms) to consider hiring a birth doula, but I was so amazed by how these parents took on labor pains through an incredible team effort. 

I am so grateful to the wonderful medical staff at Good Samaritan for making an exception and allowing me to enter into their operating room to document these parent's baby girl's birth immediately following her cesarean. It softens my heart to know that families emotional needs are being put at the front of birth and that medical providers are understanding how important birth photography and birth videography is to families.