my very own nursery photos : personal | splechta family | mama of two | life after cesarean

I was so very excited about having a little nursery to decorate the very first time I was pregnant.. with my first daughter.

But that girlfriend, she did not want her own room! We've been room sharing since she was an infant. For that reason we did not prepare a nursery for baby #2. We thought for sure she would also want to room share.

But when baby #2 was born... Emma Rose, turned out to have a totally different personality from her big sis. I was extremely excited to find out my second daughter absolutely loves her own space, quiet, and her very own room. She loves to snuggle when she is awake, but sleeping time is no-nonsense time in her book! 

The events of my birth were a surprise and did not go quite as planned (as births usually tend to go unplanned even with the best of planning!) so I was unable to have my birth photographer capture Emma's birth for me, which left me really sad! These nursery room photos make me so happy!