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when I became a mom for the very first time to Kate, I had no idea how intense it would be. 

how much my heart would explode from love

how much meaning I would find in my life

how the birth of my first child would come to create passion in my career as a

birth and breastfeeding photographer

I had no idea how hard breastfeeding would be

it was kind of a lonely scary shock to not know what I was doing and not know where to turn to for support

I didn't know back then where to get the right support. I am ever so lucky I had the kindest of mama friends who helped guide me through the most difficult latches. The most amazing and supportive hubby who was there for me through it all. I didn't know what La Leche League was. I didn't know how they are so active and supportive in so many cities. super laid back meet ups with very kind and patient and supportive women who can help with the many issues I had when I struggled to not quit breastfeeding

I am so beyond proud of how I persevered through those first hard weeks.

three years

one month

through pregnancy.

through labor.  

I will miss these nursing days with my daughter. but I welcome with an open heart all the

amazing days yet to come

so for now I'd love to share a photo taken on one of the very last days of nursing my daughter. and some favorites from throughout our three years with credits to the amazing women who captured some of them and have played an epic role in my life. 


the last day

thank you to the remarkable Sophia Gueiros Costa at Three Plus Photography for capturing one of the most epic celebrations of my breastfeeding relationship... we made it to 1 year in this image below captured by Sophia

self portrait


self portrait, Kate was 18 months


photographed for Paulina Splechta Photography by the amazing Tanya Renee Photo


greatest and humblest of thank you's to the amazing Tanya Renee Photo for capturing this exquisite shot of my dreams nursing my dear on the shoreline pictured below

photographed for Paulina Splechta Photography by Michael Splechta


photographed for Paulina Splechta Photography by my loving niece


thank you to the sweet & incredibly talented Adaliz DeSantis of Adaliz DeSantis Photography for this remarkable capture in the ocean. I dreamed of having an image like this ever since I became a mother. Breastfeeding my daughter in the ocean while pregnant with my second daughter. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to you Adaliz for making my dream come true! (pictured immediately below)

self portrait with friends during my pregnancy (I am on the top far right)


my heart must send a deep thank you to Paula D'Amore of Lasting Expression Photography for capturing this image on behalf of Paulina Splechta Photography of me tandem nursing my baby and my toddler. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my second child I knew I would tandem nurse. Thank you for making my heart sing Paula! 

photographed for Paulina Splechta Photography by my dear hubby 

during my labor with Emma Rose my belly is contracting..

this image below was captured at home

photographed for Paulina Splechta Photography by my lovely husband Michael Splechta

after the birth of Emma Rose Splechta


second self portrait tandem nursing my girls, along side of my mama friends (I am on the bottom far right) 

pictured below

and now I embark on a new journey... nursing my littlest daughter Emma

thank you for the remarkable capture to my dearest Paula D'Amore at

Lasting Expression Photography