Mama & her boys - Boca Raton Breastfeeding Photographer

Tiffany is a beautiful soul inside and out. She is an incredible mama who is so dedicated to her boys. We were pregnant together and attending some 'yoga birthing' classes together. It has been a truly special year for both of us. These images of her and her boys truly inspired me and filled my heart with joy. It is incredible that we as mamas as we prepare for our births and our new journeys parenting two children, how we can come together in support and love of one another. 

When I am shooting... I hold up my camera to my right eye. I wait for something very particular before I click the shutter. It's not the moment where everyone is looking at my camera. It's not a perfect smile... I patiently stand (or squat) and wait to see "that look" that every mom gets... sooner or later during every shoot... that look that shows the fiery love a woman has for the children she gave life to. And then I snap it into a frozen record for all of time.

Paulina Splechta, Birth and Breastfeeding Photographer, Boca Raton, FL