I am able to accept only a limited number of births and sessions per year—a maximum of two to three births per month depending on the location where each client will be giving birth and two sibling meeting stories per month. Please contact me as early as possible if you're interested in having your story documented.


What you see are how many spots I have available/left.
January (1 available)
February (1 available)
March (1 available)
April (1 available)
May (1 available)
June (1 available)
July (2 available)

August (2 available)

September (3 available)

A $500 retainer is due at booking for Births, and a $200 retainer is due at booking for Meeting Stories/Fresh 48 Sessions. You can learn more about pricing here

Please contact me for details on how photography with a Birth Photographer works when On-Call, how to communicate with me during your pregnancy & when to contact me during labor, when I arrive at your birth, what kind of photos I will be taking, if I’ve worked with your doctor/midwife before, how long I stay after your baby is born and when you receive your birth story photos and video.