Birth Photographer and Birth Videographer / Filmmaker


     Hi, my name is Paulina Splechta (the ‘ch’ is like a k) and I'm an on-call photographer and videographer based out of south Florida. Photography is my calling, well, to be honest, it's my second calling. I never thought I’d want to married and start a family, and eleven years ago, I met my knight in shining armor, it was the fairytale story I always read about, it was love at first sight and we wanted to start a family from the beginning. Since I was a child I always carried around a disposable or old school film-camera, but I only ever took documentary pictures and video. I wanted to capture all those in between moments, when no one knew I was taking pictures, because I wanted real memories of real life. When we became a parents to our first daughter, six and a half years ago, everything connected and this is what I always wanted to capture for other parents, the first moments when you meet your baby.

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     I am currently focusing only on birth stories at this moment. Maternity/family/newborn sessions are on a seasonal basis, during times when I am off-call.


  • Voted Top 3rd Birth Blog on the Global Internet 2018, 2019

  • Published by Huffington Post over half a dozen times

  • Published by Cosmopolitan, Inside Edition, fitPregnancy, SELF Magazine, Eltern, abc NEWS, parenting magazine, Parents Magazine, netmoms,

  • Featured on the Good Morning America show and the Today Show


Random Things About Me:

Who is your favorite musician: Halsey

What is your favorite TV Show: The Flash

What do you like to do on your free time?  Catch up on nerdy tv shows, spend time with my husband and our two daughters

What is your biggest pet peeve? People who don't know the 'right of way' rules while driving

What is your least favorite movie? Frozen (we’ve had to watch it too many times)

Jobs you wanted to have when you were a kid? Pediatric heart surgeon, filmmaker, author

Any interesting life facts: I Come from a big family, I have three siblings and 5 nieces/nephews and family is everything to me!

Have you ever broken a bone? Yep, when I was 7-8 years old, jumping off of a couch being chased by my big brother